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通用凯迪拉克能耗管理系统 安科瑞 许敏

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1.项目概述 Project Overview


This project is located in Pudong, Shanghai. The purpose of this system is to monitor the energy consumption of the paint workshop in real time, such as electricity, industrial water, cold water, hot water, natural gas, compressed air, etc., and to measure and analyze the energy consumption of the workshop according to the production line, process flow, production team and purpose, so as to realize the classification and sub item statistical analysis of the energy consumption of the workshop and realize the production of the workshop Line energy use assessment, process section energy use assessment, team energy use assessment, so as to realize the refine management of workshop.

2.项目范围 Project Scope


The energy consumption system monitors the multi-function instruments of Acrel in the distribution room, 34 sets flow meters (gas meters), 9 heat meters, 30 cooling meters, 14 industrial water meters and 30 sets flow meters (compressed air).

3.项目挑战或难度 Project challenge or difficulty






1. The project includes the selection of various measuring instruments and the integration of communication;

2. Coordinate with stakeholders on installation and construction of various instruments on site;

3. The installation time of the project is urgent, which needs very reasonable and fine planning

4. Safety risk of gas pipeline reconstruction

5. Customization requirements of system functions

4.解决方案 Solution






In this project, our company provides Acrel-5000 energy consumption management system. The whole system adopts ring network structure, and realizes dual machine thermal redundancy design from the acquisition layer, transmission layer and management layer. It can realize the internal display of the workshop and upload the data to the plant energy management platform.

The main monitoring functions of the system are as follows:

Comprehensive energy consumption display: it reflects the comprehensive energy consumption of each category of energy consumption of the workshop in the current year and converted into standard coal,

Energy consumption comparison: reflect the energy consumption and comparison, growth percentage and added value of a certain category of energy consumption on the same day and the same period of yesterday, the same period of current month and last month, the same period of current year and last year;

Display mode: the daily, monthly, weekly, quarterly and annual energy consumption of branch road can be counted, and the statistical data can be displayed by bar chart, point line chart, accumulation chart, pie chart and other charts;

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